Shopaholic and Style

Many says I am a shopaholic kind of woman. Well, I can’t blame them. I really am! Just look into my apartment and somehow you will see how many boots, shoes, coats ,trousers, books, hair and beauty products, and ther things I enjoy shopping at. I always go to the mall every time I go…


What photography means to humanity

This scenario is one that is rather unprecedented, at least in the specific form, but I think that we can look back on the history of humanity and look at when great tools of creativity and Technology were democratized and given to people, and I think we can see that generally, very good results come…


Exciting times ahead for Amazon

I am not someone who is brand loyal to a company like Amazon. Trust me, I didn’t want them to succeed like this, but now that they have, it is a little bit exciting, and I can’t pretend like it’s not true. I’m student, I don’t really care about this stuff, the how much does…


Compassion Crystals

So, this is why I really believe in things like healing jewelry, compassion crystals, bracelets that are built from materials that can create protection in tranquility, and all sorts of things like this. Not only this, this is a meaningful gift, that has a practical purpose in helping somebody and adding to their repertoire of…


Low Price Gift Ideas

It is my husband’s birthday super soon. More than ever, I am stressing out. Usually I know exactly what to get him, but this year I really am not sure. I was looking on the website Survival Cooking, which is a very helpful resource for any wife like me. For anybody who needs to buy…


Benefits of Buying an Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are the in thing today? Want to know why? Well, electric scooters, especially those you can buy in Unu Motors, a company which provides high-quality elektrische scooter, make differences in a lot of people’s lives. My city living was changed by my elektrische scooter. To set as an example, since i bought my…


Feeling Lucky!

We have an announcement to make! We are giving away a set of amazing lucky charms perfect for your next year’s accessories. This is a sponsored announcement together with our partner brand Seph, which makes nice lucky charms! To win a prize, simply follow Fortune Cookies Lucky website and share this post to your social…


Zodiac Predictions: Saggitarius

For people with zodiac sign Saggitarius, this one’s for you. The coming month may not be same happy one for you. Be careful to the people you meet outside of work. They might bring you bad luck. Do not trust completely to a person you hardly know and do not give personal information about them….


Zodiac Predictions: Virgo

Hello Virgo! This coming month will be a lucky month for your. At the workplace, you will be praised by your boss for your dedication and work. The years of hard work will now be paid off because there is a great possibility that you will be promoted. But I advise you to not get…