Common Sense Vs Artistic Web Design – What Are They Thinking?


When browsing the Internet, how many times do you ask yourself, who thinks this faded gray text on a white background is a good design for a website? There are many websites that seem to be putting so much thought into the artistic design that their target audience can’t even read their message. Many businesses will go to web design companies and it seems as if these web designers are on a campaign to outdo everyone else in how uniquely artistic they can be. Many times the result can be very cool, amazing graphical ideas, but when you begin to read the articles, the text is blended into the background. Who approved this? Who thinks that this will get their business message and purpose across to their customers?
The average website has probably only a few seconds to hold a potential surfer’s interest. Making this the prime focus of website appearance should be the goal of anyone. Whether you’re a blogger, small business or a large corporation, the only reason you have a website is to find your customer and make them come back again. This means that there should be nothing that is difficult or distracting for your target audience. If you’re not talking to rocket scientists, then you don’t want to write like one. If you are targeting senior citizens, then you want larger print that is easy to read and a simpler appearance. The overall appearance of your site will please your audience or it will frustrate them and they will never come back. You do not get second chances in the vastness of the Internet.

Here is an example of a website that is focused on social media content, which can be a wide target audience. They are using a gray text on a white background. While it is readable, it is not easy to read, for anyone, let alone some of the potential readers who may have eye issues. There is a clear effort to be more artistic than realistic in the appearance of this website.

Here is the AARP website, where the audience is 55 and older. The print is larger, black on white and headlines are a clear blue on white. They keep the page simple without too much going on. They are focused on how to keep their audience coming back again and again.

However you create your website, take a last, long look at how it will please your target readers. Perhaps send out to a sampling of your customers or audience and ask for their feedback. Sometimes, it takes someone outside yourself or team to be more impartial. Better yet, check out top web development companies and see if they can do something about your site.

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