Compassion Crystals

So, this is why I really believe in things like healing jewelry, compassion crystals, bracelets that are built from materials that can create protection in tranquility, and all sorts of things like this. Not only this, this is a meaningful gift, that has a practical purpose in helping somebody and adding to their repertoire of jewelry, and things like that, but it is also something that is really wonderful to do for someone, because it shows that you are willing to do whatever it takes to provide these things that sick people need. In my opinion, sick people is a very broad term. Of course, cancer patients are one of the most extreme variants of sick people, and I find that this is a great gift specifically for cancer patients, as well as everybody who is not quite as sick, or who is simply sick in a different way. I’ve seen these crystals and amulets, and all sorts of things like this, help people who are suffering from both mental and physical illnesses, and I think that is a very wonderful thing. To be honest, I used to be very skeptical about this kind of thing, and I would have never gone to a site like Juju supply to buy someone a gift, until I have my own experience with serious illness. This isn’t about me, but I can tell you that I was both mentally and physically ill, in a very intense way, and somebody gave me a ring with some beautiful healing properties, made from pink sapphire and rose gold.

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