Exciting times ahead for Amazon

I am not someone who is brand loyal to a company like Amazon. Trust me, I didn’t want them to succeed like this, but now that they have, it is a little bit exciting, and I can’t pretend like it’s not true. I’m student, I don’t really care about this stuff, the how much does Amazon Prime cost for me? Well it only cost me about $40 a month, which is amazing, if you ask me. The fact that this only cost me $40 a month allows me to enjoy media, storage, and huge deals and savings on online shipping for a very reasonable rates. It is admirable that Amazon does this for students, and it’s smart for them to. You see, the thing about Amazon, as they don’t seem to worry so much about immediate profits, but they have a very high value because their plans for the future seemed to be so implementable and exciting. I mean, it’s no small deal. This is a company that has branched out from being an online Bookseller to being a company that has just purchased Whole Foods, who has a competitor to Netflix, and an alternative to Dropbox, as well as many other services related to ebooks, candles, music, video, and all sorts of product delivery. No, in my opinion, this is really significant. But how much does Amazon Prime cost? In the terms of how much is amazon prime canada, Well, for most people across $79 a month, for students it can cost about half of that if you qualify.

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