Shopaholic and Style

Many says I am a shopaholic kind of woman. Well, I can’t blame them. I really am! Just look into my apartment and somehow you will see how many boots, shoes, coats ,trousers, books, hair and beauty products, and ther things I enjoy shopping at. I always go to the mall every time I go home from work. Well, who can’t blame me? The mall is such a nice place to pass by. Sometimes, I urge myself to just window shop or just pass the mall by but when I see something really nice, I can’t help but buy it! These days, I am so busy with work, and I had the chance to buy online and it is really amazing. Imagine I do not need to go to the mall? Well, in my first weeks of shopping online, I already found the best wooden watches I have been searching for. I also bought a camping gear plus some cool shoes for trekking for my next adventure with my cousins. I am excited to use them already. And oh, I also bought some laptop cases and some cute wallpapers and even filters for my iPhone. How cool is that?

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