Taking care of the body


For a woman who also had her fair share of body issues, my good friend Emelia knows exactly what a struggling person feels. Her dream is to make everyone fit and healthy not only through exercise but also through a complete lifestyle change. Thus she a Movement, which goal is to reach millions of countrymen.

They were the ones who catapulted the idea of getting fit even without spending bucks on complicated gym equipment and its costly monthly rate.


For the two, who had been known to many for their break as trainers, losing weight and getting back in shape need not to cost that much on the pocket.  In fact, they proved in through their popular 4-minute exercise—a simple yet effective workout routine that can burn up to 600 calories.


They had already spread awareness about this simple workout through their numerous lectures and training camps from all over the country. The couple has also hired over 50 coaches to be with them in facilitating the camps that had already gathered a close to thousands. Emelia is working in a hosting ranking company and is busy aty work that is why she needs to take care of her health.



“It’s empowering, humbling and really heartwarming when you reconcile their being hopeless, and open their mindset to, knowing that you know you can live life to the fullest,” she says. This woman Emelia is a self confessed computer and gadget addict. She knows she needs to ditch the sedentary lifestyle.


She pours her heart on her passionate advocacy, envisions people to push themselves to their limits, discover skills they never thought they can, and eventually own their lives back.




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