What photography means to humanity

This scenario is one that is rather unprecedented, at least in the specific form, but I think that we can look back on the history of humanity and look at when great tools of creativity and Technology were democratized and given to people, and I think we can see that generally, very good results come out of this type of State of Affairs. Yes, not all the results are good, but it could be argued to do badly and cause social damage because of their access to these things would have used any tool at their disposal to do this damage, that is not the specific technology itself which inspired the dark thoughts or dangerous actions, but the fact that they are that person was existing in society, and we’re just using the tools at their disposal. In my opinion, this is how this should be viewed. That giving technology like Photography and information to the people is always worth doing, even if some people will use it to do bad things. I think that the good outweighs the bad in these situations, and I think that that is nearly undeniable, if you ask me, it would be very hard to come up with an argument against that that might convince me, as far as I know. Yes, as far as I know, Society has always benefited from Up population that is educated and Advance, rather than falling behind the curve. If that is a radical view than call me a radical. But I do not think that it is radical at all, I think that it is becoming common sense, with the more that we learn about the history and present situation of humanity.

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