Cybersecurity Jobs in London and Worldwide

Cybersecurity Analytics is the direct path to a lucrative career as a cybersecurity specialist. Full-time immersion in the world of cyber security research and analysis provide ample preparation for a fast-paced, rapidly changing field. Intensive hands-on practice via a customized course-of-mature is provided by industry experts who understand the latest trends in the field. Immersed in this fast-moving world of cyber security, students learn how to protect corporate assets from a variety of threats, while staying ahead of the hackers’ advances. Intensive curriculum includes eight core courses, comprehensive hands-on lab training, and self-paced product training from industry veterans who are industry leaders in the field.

Cybersecurity analysts work in a variety of fields across the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. They are responsible for the prevention, detection, reporting, and response to cyber-security vulnerabilities of an enterprise. The goal of every company is to protect its confidential information from hackers who want to steal it or worse. There are many companies in London, Ontario who provide exceptional services that help all corporations with their various concerns, such as corporate email security, employee digital fingerprinting, and network security.

An exciting career in the world of cybersecurity starts with a Bachelor’s degree. Students who choose to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity Management should complete an intensive four-year coursework that introduces them to the basic skills, processes, and theory of cyberspace. Throughout the coursework students will learn about how to analyze and synthesize publicly and privately held information, how to create threat models and counter-actors, how to build and maintain security databases, how to enforce intellectual property rights, how to troubleshoot computer systems, how to deploy and utilize security technologies, and how to protect the confidentiality and privacy of a company’s customers. A strong understanding of digital media, privacy, networks, and strategic security is also required.

After students complete a four-year coursework, they will need to participate in a hands-on internship. Internships are valuable not only because of the exposure to real world situations and scenarios, but also because it helps students develop problem-solving skills and gain valuable experience which they can apply later in their careers. After the internship, students will be able to participate in a short internship based on a field of expertise. The field areas most frequently serviced by a campus include information assurance, business administration, engineering, information technology, health informatics, networking, information security, and software testing. In addition to gaining experience during the hands-on internship, students will have the opportunity to meet with professionals who can guide them with advice regarding the application security of their employers’ systems.

A number of universities throughout the United States are now offering an online Master’s degree in Cybersecurity Management. Students who earn a bachelor’s degree are already familiar with a wide range of coursework that they can transfer to the Master’s program. The curriculum for the Master’s program in Cybersecurity Management addresses all areas of responsibility that go into managing an information security system. Students will be exposed to a number of strategic objectives that they can use to assist the enterprise in securing its network, servers, networks, and software.

Students who are interested in working on the ground floor of securing the cyber environment should consider working for a London-based security firm. Security companies in London specialize in a number of services that address a range of threats to corporate systems. For example, London-based vulnerabilities assessment firms identify vulnerabilities in networks that involve governments, businesses, and the media. If you have an engineering talent, and a dedication to educating others about Internet security, you can pursue a position as a cyber-intelligence officer for one of London’s top consulting firms. Working with these consultants can also help you secure a career in the world of cyber academia.

Last but certainly not least, there is the Department of Homeland Security, or the DHS, which oversees cyber instruction across the United States. A career within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will likely require that you obtain a degree, either online or at an accredited college. You can also work to develop your skills as a highly-skilled consultant by serving as a technical assistant to a cyber educator at a traditional college or university. A number of homeland security industry experts serve in key positions at the Department of Homeland Security, so a degree in information technology could be a route to take if you want a career that combines practical knowledge with theories about computer and Internet security.

There are countless other options for an aspiring cyber warfare professional. In fact, if you are living in London, you may be interested in working as an intelligence officer. Intelligence officers assess a variety of threats to national security, both from within the US and from abroad. An intelligence career will require you to obtain a master’s degree or higher. Jobs in the intelligence industry include government and corporate jobs, both civilian and military, in a variety of agencies including the CIA, FBI, NSA, and US Army Cyber Command. You can also choose to work at the UK’s National Imagery Center, where you assess imagery for defense and security purposes, or the National Cyber Security Center, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security.